craig stam


"it is finally that time it is time for it now and it shall be revealed
please join me and myself and the individual which so happens to be i
in the great establishment that is opening
yes! the grand opening of said establishment is happening soon
and within that beforehand which it is not open it shall be in progress-
a process which requires the need to be set up, organized, arranged, rearranged,
sorted out, classified, categorized, grouped, ungrouped,
and systematically and algorithmically positioned
but when the actions and operations leading up to the finality
of the final conclusion are completed and finished you may be able to partake
in the larger scheme of the entire thing which will exist
as you are, i am, and the rest of everyone and everything else does as well
but right up until that point in time it will not be finished
and i hope you happen to be as excited for this as i am explaining this to you
because this fine establishment, this formation of business shall include you,
you there and you there, with me there, there as i am
you may interact and communicate and cooperate
with the merchant as you please but please listen to the merchant
as i have very nice things to say and maybe you shall receive
receive what you may ask? that i cannot say and i cannot answer
for that would give it away, and i, the merchant enjoy my things,
i love my things in any form they are and may seem to take
and those things may be solid and liquid and gas,
those things may include material and mental and emotional,
and those things include and are not limited to anything i have not said
for the merchant has and wants and needs many things,
and if it is you that may stumble upon and walk into my shop,
my store, my market, my emporium,
then i shall present to you the space as the space welcomes thee,
and i shall welcome you with open arms spread as wide as arms can spread open
because in this establishment that is to be constructed
you may, in thought presently and in fact futurely,
enter the merchants shop and where the wares are there
and those wares in which i care for are openly available to view
to me, you, and everyone and anyone else who happen to come,
so please, and please i mean,
visit the merchant, who is i, in the merchant’s store, very soon
at some set specific time in the situated near future to come
because that time which comes and comes as it may,
may be the final finalized version of the shop which may never be seen again."

The Merchant is Present, 2016
Performance, Installation of Found Objects